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These puppies are ready now!
They 3 girls have wavy fleece coats and will grow to be  small mediums, about 30 lbs as adults. We have been socializing these pups and have given them house training and crate training. We have started to teach to sit and stay.

Trained blue Australian Labradoodle puppy in blue chair
Blue highlighted black Australian labradoodle smiling and sitting in white chair

Raven - $3000 - Reserved


Raven is a charmer, she loves to spend time with me, whether I’m sitting on the couch watching a show or cooking in the kitchen! She has definitely taken on the Labrador temperament: she loves everyone, enjoys being in the middle of the action, and she’s always in a good mood.



Raven is jet black, that smooth, glossy texture we love! She has a rare blue cast. The blue can become more pronounce as she gets older, and even become a silvery blue. Very pretty!  Her little chin is white which runs down her neck giving a little extra punch to her smile. She’s considered a medium, but on the smaller side. She should not get bigger than 30 lbs, ideal to take with you everywhere, but not so little you have to carry her. 


Ideal Lifestyle

Raven will be the pup for a moderately active family, the family that mows the lawn on weekends and has a few friends over for a BBQ on Sunday afternoon. She’ll adore the company, but is also just happy being with you. So if you work from home and want a little company, she’ll sleep by your feet and she’ll love an evening stroll in the neighborhood.  


If you’d like to add this gorgeous girl to your home, please give me a call or fill out a puppy application!

Red tuxedo Australian Labradoodle with white tuxedo smiling big
Red and white Australian Labradoodle with white paws, chest and face.
Face of red labradoodle with pink scarf in front of flowers

Pip-Squeak - $3000 - Reserved
Pip-Squeak is a thinker. She likes to perch herself on the couch and read the room. She doesn’t need to chime in on every conversation, but she doesn’t miss a thing. She’s more reserved and likes people to work a little to earn her affections, she’s a little picky with her people, but when she chooses you, she’s all in. 
Pip-Squeak is considered red, with white Irish spotting, don’t worry, the Irish is just the color, not her temperament. She is on the smaller side of medium, like her sister, Raven. While she would adore being carried, she is big enough to walk herself, but is too small to get in the way. 
Ideal Lifestyle
Pip-Squeak will do best in a home where she gets to share the day with you, everything from coffee in the morning, to sleeping in the sun while you work, to an evening cuddled up together on the couch with a book. She doesn’t need other dogs and people to be happy, she just needs you. 
If you’d like to add this gentle girl to your home, please give me a call or fill out a puppy application!

Black and white Australian Labradoodle puppy  with white chin and paws on blue chair.
Black with brown and blue highlights Australian Labradoodle puppy in white chair.

Camilla “Cami” - $3000 - Available
Camilla is a girl with class. When she walks into the room, she turns heads. She is sweet, but don’t let her fool you, she knows what she wants. She is confident, balanced, and ready to take on the day, whether she’s hanging with you or chasing bugs in the backyard. She gets along with the other dogs but doesn’t need them to be happy.
Camilla is a black sable, with beautiful highlights of blue and chocolate. If you look at the picture of her standing you can start to see her fawn highlights coming in. She also has a rare blue cast to the coat. The blue can become more pronounced as she gets older, and even become a silvery blue. Her natural coloring is so beautiful, people won’t believe it’s real; you might get asked how often you have to take her to the salon for highlight touch-ups. Like her sisters, she’s also on the smaller side of medium, and should not get larger than 30 lbs. It’s crazy to think all that personality can be bottled up in a pup that’s that small!
Ideal Lifestyle
Cami will do best in a home where she’s involved in your day, but with a relaxed schedule. She enjoys her free time that she’ll use to explore, but she’s more than happy to be available to consult with you while you’re on work calls. She adores adventure and would be the perfect girl to take along in your RV or at the lake!
If you’d like to add this sassy girl to your home, please give me a call or fill out a puppy application!

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