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  Baxter and Bella is a proven and effective training program. It is online and not for everyone. Group puppy training is highly recommendended in person.
Other training methods are one on one with a trainer either at your home or their place of business.

If you decide to join, as a partner we are able to offer an instant 25% savings on their one time fee Lifetime membership.

Members Only Access features includes unlimited use of step-by-step training, a library of resources, podcasts, Ask the Trainer live interactive sessions and one on one video conferencing when needed.

The training is great for new puppies, refreshers, or zeroing in on any problem behavior at any time in your dog’s life so you have the companion of your dreams. It is never too late to teach your dog new manners!

To learn more and get started, click on the link below.

In order to receive your 25% instant savings, you must enter discount code COASTAL at check out.

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