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What is the Guardian Program?
Our guardian program ensures all our breeding dogs live the pampered life they deserve with their forever family.  Being a guardian family for a dog can be an excellent way to have a top quality dog for a family pet without paying a purchase price. Our guardian families play an important role in our program. We could not have our wonderful puppies without them! 

Here's how to become a guardian family: 

Coastal Labradoodles  |  Florida

We are looking for a good guardian family for a female puppy from the Millie litter.

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Step #1:

Curly fleece labradoodle

Step #2: Read More about it

We pay for all breeding-related expenses, including health testing. The guardian family is responsible for all the routine costs of owning a dog ( such as vaccinations, heartworm preventative, and grooming).
When the guardian dog's breeding career is over, three litters for females, the dog will be spayed/neutered. No purchase price is ever owed!

​​#3 Check out basic requirements


  • Secure home to keep dog

  • Dog experience or willing to learn or seek basic trainging

  • Socialize the puppy

  • Take to vet for vaccines and other care

  • Feed quality food we recommend (cost effective)

  • Not leave dog alone for extended periods

  • Keep on leash outside of yard

  • Live near Palm Beach or be willing to bring dog to us for breeding

Picture Labradoodle in car
Picture labradoodle puppy with kids
Apply to be a guardian for a labradoodle puppy

#4 How long dog is in program
Females: Females in guardian homes will have 3 litters for Coastal Labradoodles. We will need access to her for breeding and she goes back home to guardian family until just before whelping time. She stays with her puppies until properly weaned. 
Males: Males are in the program up to 6 years, He comes to our home for breeding.
Once the guardian dog's breeding career is over, he or she is spayed or neutered and becomes a full time family pet.

Guardian Application

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