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Breeder Mentoring
Program  and
Breeding Dogs for breeders

 About Us

We have developed a great mentoring program and have helped many breeders. We have learned many things that will help you produce healthy dogs. We think every puppy deserves the best possible start. 

Our dogs are the result of 15+ years of careful breeding. All come from original Australian lines and and have been bred for health, coat, structure, and the friendly, loving disposition the ALD is famous for.  Disposition has been our number one goal as we produce puppies for families, as well as service and therapy.

We were founders of the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA). Along with 17 other breeders, we founded the program on eduction, health and verified pedigrees in order to be guardians of our beloved breed. 

 About Our Mentoring
We will have a few breeding dogs available, for select Australian Labradoodle breeders for purchase. We offer full mentorship with the purchase of a breeding dog. Our goal is to help breeders develop healthy and beautiful dogs that make wonderful pets and service/therapy dogs.

We are always available for questions. We have developed a holistic approach and use the first, do no harm approach to well-being and health. For example, we use a natural flea and tick control and holistic dog food. 

We also have developed a comprehensive guide for breeders based on over twelve years of breeding and research.

Photo of Coastal Labradoodle red dog with tuxedo pattern in Palm Beach FL

Stud Service

We offer stud service for select breeders.

We have frozen semen from premium retired studs. Our repro vet can ship frozen semen.

Cute Australian Labradoodle puppies in basket
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