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Breeder Mentoring
Program  and
Breeding Dogs for breeders

 We have developed a great mentoring program and have helped many breeders. We have learned many things that will help you produce healthy dogs. We think every puppy deserves the best possible start. Now that we have downsized our program to hobby breeding, we have a lot of time (and experience!) to devote to mentoring.

Our dogs are the result of ten years of careful breeding. All come from original Australian lines and and have been bred for health, coat, composition, and disposition. We also do not line breed or inbreed and have added lines from Europe and America for genetic diversity. You will be getting a top-quality breeding prospect.
We will have a few breeding dogs available, for select Australian Labradoodle breeders for purchase. We offer full mentorship with the purchase of a breeding dog. We do not feel mentorship should be a separate charge. It is our goal to help breeders develop healthy and beautiful dogs that make wonderful pets as well as service/therapy dogs. We can also help with marketing, customer service and information to ensure your puppies have the best start possible and your families are well prepared for a new addition to their family. 


We have developed a comprehensive guide for breeders based on over twelve years of breeding and research. For more information:

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