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Our dogs tell our journey and our story.  Since childhood, we both had many dogs. Rescues, mutts, purebreds, we loved them all! With a busy family, we wanted a dog that was loyal, cuddly, friendly, easy to train, chill as well ready to play and have fun. Since we had a son when dog allergies, we needed allergy friendly. We researched, we met dogs, and knew the Australian Labradoodle was the perfect choice. A year later, we decided to become respsonsible and ethical breeders so we could bring this gift to others.
Here are some of stories of the puppies we raised and loved
and how they changed a little part of the world for the better!

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Stories from
Australian Labradoodles



At eight weeks of age Annie was already a library dog, a buddy to an entire elemetary school. The students pet her, loved her, took her for walks. Annie never asked questions, never judged - she just loved and welcomed everyone! Most of all, Annie loves to be read to. She doesn't care if you have dyslexia and stumble over big words, or got a low reading score. She knows you try your best and just loves you the way you are and could listen to you read all day long!


Zuri loves to visit children. She is favorite at Houston Children's Hospital where she also gets to visit the trauma flight crew on the roof. She studied hard and received became a certified therapy dog. Because she loves to make kids smile, she also got her trick dog certification. Zuri is the beaufiful black labradoodle on the right.



Penelope is a certified therapy and canine good citizen dog. She enjoye making those in group homes and hospitals smile. Her visits are always filled with joy, plus lots of cuddles and kisses! Her Mom couldn't be more proud of her!

Therapy Labradoodle


 Stan started therapy dog training as a young pup, and at 14 months is visiting patients at a hospice center. Sweet and smart, he is loved in return by everyone he meets! Proud mom Joni says he is a very special puppy. The best dog they have ever had.

CTD Stan_edited.jpg
Therapy Labradoodle
cindy lu.jpg


Sofie came to us from Labradoodledoo. She is an F2 Labradoodle which means she is from F1, or first generation of Lab x Poodle parents. She has the most amazing laid back, super dispostion and has passed it down to her offspring. Sofie herself is a therapy dog. She goes with her Mom to veteran homes. If Sofie does not come on her scheduled visit, the veterans notice. They look forward to her sweet snuggles and enthusiastic greetings that never seem to end! Sofie is one of the many early generation labradoodle we have bred to are multi generation labradoodles. Doing this has brought both wonderful disposition, but also better health, coats and conformation. 

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