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Newborn Australian Labradoodle puppies huddled together

Why Us

We are an in-home breeder of the authentic Australian Labradoodle with over 15 years of experience. We believe in using holistic nutrition and spending time to bond and build trust. Where it makes sense, we choose natural remedies, such as immune support to avoid health issues.

We know you’re busy, you have a life, and you deserve to relax on the weekend. Given our near two decades of experience with this breed, there’s rarely a situation we haven’t seen before. Whether you need help finding the right groomer, not sure if it’s time to hire a trainer, or if you aren’t sure about what chew toy to buy, just let us know, we can help. We are always there to help you.”

We believe a breeder's education is ongoing to learn the latest research. Since the beginning we have raised our puppies according to the Puppy Culture method, adding other important protocols we learned. We test parent dogs to the highest level and implement enrichment protocols to produce well-balanced, healthy, happy puppies.

As founding members of WALA, and currently on the Board of Directors, we have seen the Australian Labradoodle grow into the beautiful breed it is today. We were there when the idea was forming, before it was as consistent as it is today. We have taken feedback from our very own buyers and used it to help guide the way for WALA and their guidance to other breeders. It allows us to stay in the loop on all things Labradoodle and incorporate them into our breeding program and support of our buyers.

It would be ridiculous for me, as a breeder, to assume that I know you and your life. Yet, I am pretty good with my dogs and understanding the different puppies and personalities that do well in different lifestyles. My goal in working with you is to understand you and your life, so I can help you sort through the available puppies and find the perfect puppy for your family and lifestyle. This way, you’ll get the ideal dog that will fit in nicely with your schedule and life, creating great memories, without the headache.


Labradoodle with childhood buddy in New York. looking out on Lake Erie

Our First Australian Labradoodle\

Coco was a pet dog and stole our hearts. She taught our son, then 12, how to love unconditionally. She was on his side in good times and bad. Here they are at Lake Erie. He was beside her when she took her last breath, learning how to say goodbye to what you love most. She was 15 years old. Coco is forever in our hearts and those of the many puppies she helped raise.

Our Commitment 

While in our care, all pups receive proper veterinarian care, are up to date on all vaccinations, and are microchipped for permanent identification prior to leaving for their forever homes.
We stand behind our reputation by offering a 2-year health guarantee with option to extend to 5 years if puppy is fed high quality food.


Australian Labradoodle baby puppy held in a hand in front of flowers.
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