Supplies for Australian Labradoodle Puppies & Dogs | Coastal Labradoodles in Southeast, Florida

Products We Like

Our favorite indoor bed is the Was'h N Zip made by a small family owned company in Florida who invented this cool bed. The beds are so easy to machine wash and have multiple uses. We highly recommend  the Puppy Proofer which for little shark teeth : ). The medium size fits perfectly into the Midwest Crate 36 inch length. Use Code "Austin" to get 15% off your order.

For dishes: non-breakable, non-chewable, tip-proof, and easy to clean.

We recommend stainless steel or heavy ceramic bowls big enough to be used when your puppy is full grown, and heavy enough to not be picked up, pushed around, or tipped over..

Puppies grow quickly, so we recommend having a couple small, lightweight, adjustable collars that are easy to snap on and off.  Your puppy will ONLY wear a collar when he/she is supervised!! NEVER leave a collar on your puppy when you are not watching them!  Our favorite leads are the Rok Strap and the Cozy Lead.

Having a lightweight four to six foot leash to start out with will give them great beginning exposure to leash training. You will work on his leash training for short periods indoors and out, he/she will drag it, step on it, get it caught on things around the house, and learn that a tug on the leash is OK, nothing to worry about. Same rules apply! Only place your leash on your puppy when they are under DIRECT supervision!!

Chewable toys: durable and non-edible

Provide plenty of toys to carry around, retrieve with, and chew on. You will be doing much re-direction as your puppy progresses through the teething, chewing, and biting stages. You want to look for toys that he cannot get any small pieces from, and nothing edible. Slowly introduce treats, chewies and little bits of human food that is dog friendly to see what his body does with them. 

Kong toys, rope toys, and soft fleece toys are a great start! LA has great chew treats as well as training  treats available that are healthy and safe, and do not contain chemicals or preservatives! We will be giving a few bags in your take home bag. You can follow the links above to the website and look for the Buffalo Bully Sticks, Porky Puffs, Buffalo Meat Strips, Buffalo Lung Fillets, and a variety of healthy treats!

We also love these elk antlers. They are fresh, all natural, and hand collected. We prefer the sliced ones. Last a long time!

Grooming tools: a soft and a slicker brush, metal comb, nail trimmers. We recommend that you buy a soft brush to get your puppy used to and comfortable with the brushing/grooming process. Then as your puppy is more comfortable with grooming, and his/her hair grows out, you will want to use a slicker brush (wire, rectangular), for regular brushing. A wire comb is awesome to check for any small mats that could be starting. It will go from the skin to the ends of the hair and grab onto any dead hair that needs to come out. We like the Chris Christenson brand. Visit their web site to see all their products. We like the beechwood  A5III Mark III Slicker, Medium and the Big G slicer medium coral for when they are older. 

A nail trimmer to keep the ends of his nails short is helpful, or you can ask your Vet to trim nails at each visit as you go through your puppy vaccination series, and ultimately have your groomer trim them at each grooming visit. 


Shampoo and conditioner that is gentle on your puppy’s skin and coat will allow you to bathe your puppy as often as it is needed, without worrying about drying out their skin. A detangler for when your puppy’s coat grows out is a helpful tool!! Tip; LA has a wonderful shampoo/conditioner combo that we use that smells yummy!!  We will give you a starter bottle in your take home bag.For a special spa treatment, we also like Quadruped De-matting Conditioner. For best results, blow dry the coat.

Something to discourage chewing on good furniture, etc. such as Bitter Apple

Easy Walk harness for easy healing. For a little more money, Ruffwear brand is more comfy.

Dog tag for I.D. - Important! Name of dog and your phone number!

Positive Training aids and/or Trainer 

Optional Items    


Bell to hang by door – we train our dogs to ring when they need “outside” There is also a bell like the old school bells you can put on the floor. 

Obedience/puppy socialization class – unless you plan to do it on your own

Baby gates or fencing to keep puppy in confined area at first

X-pen if not using gates to contain puppy when not watching.