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The Australian Labradoodles  

In a Sea of Doodles, Why Choose the Australian Labradoodle

After our search for a dog, we came into contact with the ALD breed. Once you discover the Australian Labradoodle,there is no other choice. They are eager to learn,  intelligent and have a friendly nature. The ALD goes where you go, tail wagging. It matters not if it is a road trip, or a quick jaunt for coffee. Though they love to be with you, they will patiently wait when you need to be away, greeting you like you've been gone for years when you come home.

It takes many generations of careful selection to arrive at the coat, personality and structure of the multi-generation Australian Labradoodle. Our fleece coats are as low shed as a dog can be, and allergy friendly.  
The breeding of an ALD is never done, however. We believe in genetic diversity because it brings vigor, good health, to the breed. We constantly bring in new bloodlines to ensure genetic vigor in our lines.

After more than four decades since the careful breeding of the Australian Labradoodle, where many needs were used to find the perfect service and therapy with an allergy-friendly coat, it seems it now popular to cross any breed with a poodle. Many of the breeds are herding dogs by instinct, sled pull dogs as in the Bernese Mountain Dog, or even dogs that are fearful by nature. 




Australian Labradoodles are friendly, happy, loyal, playful, cuddlebugs, intuitive and intelligent. They are eager to please, and easily trained. They are a good choice for a companion, as a friend or comfort buddy. They will follow you in the garden as you trim the roses, entice you to take a walk, or romp with your kids in the yard to get them away from screen time. 

The ALD is not just another Doodle. It has been shaped and bred carefully for decades. There is no dog that can compare to the friendly, happy-go-nature of the Labrador Retriever, who is also fiercely loyal and never meets a stranger. Being always up for fun and adventure, yet being able to become gentle and quiet when you are at rest, is also a key trait of the loveable lab. 


Labradoodle Coat 

With the addition of a splash of cocker spaniel, there is no softer, more manageable Doodle coat than the Australian Labrodoodle.
We strive for the wavy fleece allergy-friendly coat which takes many generations to achieve. If brushed a couple of times weekly, from the skin to tip of fleece, grooming can be kept at a minimum. Since they shed little to none, they do require regular grooming.

Labradoodles come in a variety of colors and patterns. Coastal Labradoodles, even though color is not our first priority (temperament has that honor), has many color and pattern choices, each unique and beautiful.


Labradoodles  come in three different sizes.  Measuring should take place from the floor to the top of the shoulder. Because the labradoodle can be naturally thin or stocky, the weights can vary. We breed the medium and mini sizes.

22 to 24  inches
50-65 lbs. 

18 to 20 inches
30-50 lbs.

13 to 17 inches
15-29 lbs.


Extensive genetic testing has been conducted on many generations in Coastal Labradoodle pedigrees. Hip and elbow x-rays are screened by the OFA for hip displasia. Eyes are examined by a verinary opthamologist. Patellas and heart are checked and screening is done   for inherited disease common in the labradoodles.Both the English and American Labrador Retriever are used to create the breed. This also contributed to genetic rigor. 
Do your homework as to health of other Doodle breeds. Some of the purebred dog breeds have some serious health issues that can greatly reduce the life of the many Doodle breeds.

Ethical labradoodle breeder keep a healthy body structure in mind when breeding. A more square, balanced structure, a scissors bite and straight back are some of the things to strive for.
Other Pets

With their fun, happy-go-lucky personality, ALDs get along well with other pets. A gradual introduction is best, with a backyard first meet so that your current pet does not feel his territory is being invaded, but rather a new member of the pack is joining the family.
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