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About Coastal Australian

Labradoodles good with kids
Red labradoodle at lake in Florida

Coco, our first labradodole, was purchased as a pet dog. She turned 14 this year and lives with our now adult son. He loves taking care of his senior best buddy. Coco has taught him how to care for a creature who has always been there for him, through good days and bad. Last year he took her on a long road trip. Here they are at Lake Erie.

We are an in-home breeder of the authentic Australian Multi-generation labradoodles with 15 years of experinece.

As founders of the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA), we believe in breeder education and following best practices in breeding. We test to their highest level.
Our original labradoodle, Coco, became a member of our family 14 years ago, after searching for a the best family pet. She still lives with our now 27 year old son who loves her to the moon and back. Labradoodels make great family pets, as well as therapy and service dogs, due to their friendly and loyal personality.Once you come to the doodle you never want to go back. 

We breed for temporament and health. We raise our puppies with socialization, health and neural stimulation as prime. 

While in our care, all pups receive proper veterinarian care, are up to date on all  vaccinations, and are micro chipped for permanent identification prior to leaving for their forever homes.
We stand behind our reputation by offering a 5 year health guarantee. 

Please contact us at

Cute labradoodle
Owners of Coastal Labradoodles in Florida
We are Terry and Nita and live ten miles from the Atlantic coast north of Palm Beach, FL. Our wonderful nephew Ian lives next door and helps us care for and socialize our puppies. 
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