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The Australian Labradoodles  

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Labradoodle breed standards
Labradoodle allergy friendly

What We Breed
After our search for a dog with allergy-friendly properties, we came into contact with the breed. Once you come to the doodle you never want to go back. They are eager to learn, very intelligent and have a child-friendly nature, ideal for us as a family.Through years of loving and working with animals, we started breeding our favorite dog breed; the Labradoodle .

It takes many generations of careful selection to arrive at the coat, conformation and disposition of the multi-generation Australian Labradoodle. These labradoodles are as low shed as a dog can be and are allergy friendly.  
This is the labradoodle we choose to breed.
The breeding of an ALD is never done, however. We believe in genetic diversity because it brings vigor, good health, to the breed. We constantly bring in new blood lines to ensure genetic vigor in our lines.


Disposition labradoodles



Australian Labradoodles are friendly, happy, loyal, playful , affectionate, intuitive and intelligent.

They should be happy and energetic when free, then gentle and quiet when handled or resting. They are easy to train.

Orginally bred as an allergy friendly service dog, labradoodles make excellent companion dogs and are used as therapy dogs. Our dogs bring calm and peace to many. Besides greeting famlilies with a wagging tail after a tough day, they calm austistic children, visit the sick and lonely, cuddle with a child learning to read, and many other heroic tasks.  

Labradoodles physical and mental exercise
Dispositon Labradoodle
Groomig Labradoodles
Labradoodle coat care

Labradoodle Care 

To ensure tangle free hair, all labradoodles should be brushed 20 minutes per week. Initially, use a slicker brush, one layer at a time, and then a detangler comb. Shorter coats require less grooming. A full groom every 2 months.
Clean the ears weekly with a good ear cleaner that includes a drying agent. Squirt the cleaner in the ear and wipe with a cotton ball. This helps prevent ear infections. Also clean the ears after bathing or swimming.
The Labradoodle will require daily exercise as well as play time in order to be happy and healthy. With their love of people, the labradoodle does best living inside as a part of the family.


Labradoodles  come in three different sizes.  Measuring should take place from the floor to the top of the shoulder. Because the labradoodle can be naturally thin or stocky, the weights can vary.

22 to 24  inches
50-65 lbs. 

17 to 20 inches 
30-50 lbs.

13 to 16 inches
15-26 lbs.

Labradoodle sizes
Size Labradoodls
Health Labradoodles
Labradoodle size chart
Extensive genetic testing is conducted on each Coastal Labradoodle breeding dog. Hip and elbow x-rays are screened by the OFA for hip displasia. Eyes are examined by a verinary opthamologist. Patellas and heart are checked. The dogs DNA is also tested for inherited disease common in the labradoodles.
Only the dogs that pass our rigorous testing standards, which includes good temperatment, coat and conformation, are bred. are
 Each puppy is vet checked and given first round of core vaccines.
Conformaton Labradoodles
To the right is a chart showing how a healthy dog should be more square in structure. Ethical labradoodle breeder keep this healthy struction in mind when breeding. However, since genetic diversity and introducing new blood lines is also important, it is not possible to have both all the time. 

Below are two Coastal Labradoodle puppies with ideal conformation.
labradoodle structure
Labradoodle ideal structured
Labradoodle body types
Coats colors Labradoodles

        Textures                 Patterns

Labradoodle allergy friendly coats are lush and low to non-shedding. They can be free flowing or curly.

They can be fleece or wool in texture.
The Fleece coat texture is light and silky, similar to an Angora goat. This coat can range from loosely waved to a more curly wave. 
Wool coats are more dense to the touch and feel like a sheep's wool. Curls are springy.  To keep the wool coat long and flowing requires more maintenance. The wool coat looks beautiful cut shorter and is easier to maintain.
Parti with wool coat
  Parti is over 50% white with another color. The second color here is caramel, seen in the ears. 
Labradoodle wool coat
Tuxedo labradoodle
Caramel labradoodle puppies

Solid Caramels with white markings

Puppy on left is dark caramel

Puppy on right is caramel cream

Caramels have brown to rose noses.

Coat: wavy fleece

White pattern marks can appear on chest, paws, head, neck, tip of tail and chest.

Chocolate with full Tuxedo Pattern
  Chocolates have brown to rose noses.
Wavy fleece Coat
Solid Caramel with white markings

If this dog had black pigment, seen in nose, paw pads and gums, she would be called apricot, or light red.
caramel tuxedo labradoodle
Red fleece labradoodle
Solid Red
Reds have black pigment seen in their nose, paw pads and gums.
This dog has wavy fleece.

Red curly fleece labradoodle
Solid Red

This red dog has curly fleece.

black labradoodle
Solid Black

Wavy fleece.

Some blacks have a blue tint where the fleece meets the skin. In certain light these dogs have a slight blue shade.

Blacks can fade to a beautiful silver

Labradoodle black and white

Solid Black with White Markings

Wavy fleece.

Labradoodle white
Cream fleece with black nose.

Wavy fleece.

wavy fleece labradoodle
Chocolate labradoodle
Chocolates can fade to a beautiful cafe or mocha color

Wavy fleece.

Chocolates can have an undertone of lavender.
It is the same gene that can give a black labradoodle coat a blue tint.

Wavy fleece.

Dog on right is a standard
She is also a phantom.
Phantoms have white on  legs, chest, muzzle, tip of tail and face.

Dog on left is a mini.
chocolate lavendar labradoodle
Labradoodle patterns phanton
Red parti labradoodle
Roan Pattern

Caramel Parti with
Roan Pattern

Roan is when the darker color grows under the white fleece of a parti patterned dog

Wavy fleece.

Parti Pattern

Red parti 
Wavy fleece.

Roan abradoodle
Labradoodle  black parti
Roan Pattern

Chocolate Parti with
Roan Pattern

Roan is when the darker color grows under the white fleece in a parti patterned dog.

Wavy fleece.
Phantom Pattern

Caramel Parti with
Phantom Pattern

Caramel Phantom
The phantom pattern is most dramatic on dark colored fleece such as black or dark chocolate.

Wavy fleece.
labradoodle colors
Labradoodle chocolate
Tri Color
Simply put, tri color is a phantom with white markings.

Black color

Wavy fleece.
This dog began as a black phantom. His coat faded to a beautiful reddish tone.

Note the white on tail, legs, muzzle, chest and top of head.

Wavy fleece.
labradoodle tri color
sable labradoodle
This dog started out black and slowly turned a beautiful fawn over most of her fleece

This is called sable pattern.

She also has white markings.

Wavy fleece.
labradoodle curly woold
wool snow


Snow came to us from another breeder many years ago. One of first breeding dogs with wonderful new American lines mixed in with the old Australian lines. 

She was so sweet and gentle, like a cuddly teddy bear.

This is what curly fleece looks like brushed out

We lived on a ranch and one day she wandered off...

We even searched in town 

From a distance, we thought we'd found her...

On a closer look....

It was a goat!

goat mistaken for lost labradoodle

 Snow was waiting for us our front porch when we arrived home.

We hugged and kissed her moppy fleeced self!

She told us her adventure

The thougsand burrs told us she had wandered far....

Two emptied water bowls told us she had wandered long.....

We began to brush her, but she told us no!

So we got out the clippers and shaved her down.

curly coat labradoodle

After a shave and bath

Snow smiled!

This is how curly fleeced looks shaved short.

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