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 Coastal Labradoodle Puppies
Loved and cherished


Coastal Labradoodles breeder in Florida
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Coastal Labradoodles puppies are planned and cherished long before they are born. Health and socialization are the foundations of a happy canine companionAn ethical breeder for over  fifteen years, Coastal Labradoodles has earned the title of Reputable Breeder! This puppy is being introduced the smell of lychees.

It takes many generations of testing and choosing puppies of quality coat, temperament and conformation to achieve a high level of health and genetic diversity. On top of this, we raise our puppies with daily love, stimulation and socialization. We believe the intelligence, beauty and soft, allergy friendly coats of our puppies are worth the extra effort. Our goal  comes is to create the healthiest, friendlest, sweetest four legged friend possible.

Coastal Labradoodles puppy in Florida

As founders of the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association, we show our high ethics and value of education for all labradoodle breeders to preserve the health, temperament and vigor of the breed.

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Reputalbe breeders in Florida
  • All our puppies have certified pedigreed thorugh WALA with generations that go back decades.


  • Testing of all breeding dogs include: DNA disease, eye, heart and HIP/Elbow Testing. In addition, they are selected for disposition, coat and heathy conformation.

  • Our puppies are raised with lots of hands on care. They gain confidence through positive experiences and daily stimulation activties, long tested to be effective in raising healthy puppies in body and brain.

  • We are passionate about supporting families before and after their puppy arrives. We offer lifetime support.

  • We breed miniature and medium sized multi generation Australian  Labradoodles with low-shedding, allergy friendly coats of most colors. 

  • All of our puppies are Vet Health Checked and vaccinated before leaving our home.

  • We are committed to providing the best experience for all of our customers and their new furry friends.

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