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Rogue Valley Living Like a Tourist

Medium Australian Labradoodle
Sire:  Mountain Part Eligible Bacheler
Dam: Rogue Valley Have N Faith

Labradoodle sire as a puppy looking up at you. He is caramel with a dark brown nose and fluffy coat.

Hips OFA                        Good

Elbows                            Normal

Penn Hip                         L: 0.35, R: 0.38

CAER                              Normal

PrcdPRA                         Clear
Cardiac                           Normal
Patella's                          Normal
vWD                                Clear
EIC                                  Clear
IC                                    Clear

Coat                                Wavy Fleece

Color                               Apricot                                                                          

Registration                    WALA00023695

Hanks definitely lives like a tourist with his family in Ft. Lauderdale. He is the first to jump in the pool with his 2 two human siblings for to cool off on a hot day. He learned the rules of the house within days (Secret: Most Australian Labradoodles do). Though he enjoys hanging out with his "Mom" all day running errands, gardening or lying at her feet when she is on the computer, guess who is a the door late afternoon waiting for his siblings to greet them home from school?

Wavy fleece caramel sire standing on deck. He is muscular with a fluffy coat.
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