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Coastal She's a Holiday "Holly"

Medium Australian Labradoodle
Sire: Tango Wool You're the Top "Topper"
Dam: Austin Maggie Mae

Holly is from a Mom we had when we were still in Austin, TX and called Austin Labradoodles. She is from the very special Austin Maggie Mae and a handsome stud we purchased from Tango Wool. Topper has has some labrador retrievers close in his pedigree and passes on a lovely, playful labby personality, that he passes down to his offspring. Her human Mom says,"Holly is doing excellent, very healthy! Our Vet loves her as well as our kids. She’s especially  close to my grandmother because she’s so gentle. She’s doing well with general training, very polite and happy!"  We are looking forward to Holly's puppies! We just love her rich red coat and wonderful disposition.

Hips OFA                        Good

Penn Hip                         L: .31, R: .29

Elbows                            Normal
CAER                              Normal
Cardiac                           Normal
Patella's                          Normal

PrcdPRA                         Clear
vWD                                Clear
EIC                                  Clear
IC                                     Clear

Coat                                 Fleece

Color                                Red                                                                             


Red Labradoodle
Labradoodle in Orlando
Coastal Labradoodles  |  Florida
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