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Medium Australian Labradoodle
Sire: Desert Winds Jay Gatsby
Dam: Coastal Beautiful Dreamer

Millie is named after Emily Dickinson's Poem Emily by the Sea and you can guess why! Yes, she loves the beach and ocean waves! Her mother, Lydia, is the chocolate dog pictured below. Lydia had many wonderful puppies for our program that bring joy to many families. Lydia is now retired, as Millie continues the spectacular line. Both Millie and Lydia live with their guardian family, a retired couple who devote much of their time to their canine "kids." They often have a houseful of grandchildren who love the dog duo too!

Tuxedo labradoodle

Coastal Emily by the Sea "Millie"

Labradoodle at beach in Florida

Hips OFA                        Good

Penn Hip                         L: .30, R: .37

Elbows                            Normal
CAER                              Normal
Cardiac                           Normal
Patella's                          Normal

PrcdPRA                         Clear
vWD                                Clear
EIC                                  Clear
IC                                     Clear

Coat                                 Fleece

Color                               Caramel                                                                           

Registration                     WALA00023533

Coastal Labradoodles  |  Florida
Labradoodle puppies Florida
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