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Coastal Labradoodles I'm a Rocket Man "Rocket"

Mini Australian Labradoodle
Sire:  Lakewood Oliver Twist
Dam: Van Isle Sunflower

Black sable labradoodle lying in the grass in Florida.

Hips OFA                         Good

Elbows                             Normal

CAER                               Normal

PrcdPRA                          Clear
Cardiac                             Normal
Patella's                            Normal
vWD                                 Clear
EIC                                   Clear
IC                                      Clear

Coat                                  Wavy Fleece

Color                                 Black Phantom                                                                       


Rocket, as you can guess, is fast. He loves to chase after frizbees his "Dad" throws for him at the beach every morning. Don't worry, he may be a fast runner, but he'd just as soon chill out on the couch and watch TV with his family. He is a privileged guy, riding to the beach every morning in his dad's golf cart, with his brother and best bud Apollo, also in our program. There are never enough cuddles going around for Rocket and Apollo. Apollo is going to live at college with his human sister. She will definitely meet a lot of new friends with Apollo by her side. Rocket is a mini because his size is below seventeen inches, measured fromm the shoulder. Because he has stong muscles and bones, he weighs thirty five pounds. We love his phantom black and fawn colored pattern. We hope he likes Elton John because we named him after one his songs.

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