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Aus'm Rocky Balboa "Charley" of Coastal Labradoodles

Medium Australian Labradoodle
Sire: Whispering Winds Angie                 Doggie
Dam: Aus'm Molly

South Carolina Labradoodle

Charley is a super easy going, chill guy. He loves people so much that he would cuddle up in the driver's lap if he wasn't in his seatbelt. Intelligent and gentle, Charley has a heart of gold, filled with love for everyone he  meet. Curious and confident, he loves to play and go for adventurous walks. One thing he would not be good at is guarding the house since he so rarely barks. Thank you Aus'm Labardoodles for this sweet, gorgeous boy. We are so excited to have him in our program!

Chocolate Labradoodle

Hips OFA                         Good

Penn Hip                         90th %tile
Elbows                            Normal
CERF                               Normal
PrcdPRA                          Clear

PRA4                         Carrier
Cardiac                            Normal
Patella's                           Normal
vWD                                 Clear
EIC                                  Clear
IC                                     Clear
Parti                                 Carrier
Color                                bbee

Coat                                 Fleece

Color                                Chocolate

Registration            WALA00000318

Coastal Labradoodles  |  Florida
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