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What a Dog Needs

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One Main Thing: Like humans, dogs have a hierarchy of needs. What are these needs?

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of (human) Needs shows what we as humans need to have the best life possible. Dogs have a hierarchy of needs as well. Psychologist Linda Micheal created this hierarchy for dogs to promote training through play and reward rather than the negative methods of punishment, the old dis-proved Alpha dog theory of the past.

"Research shows that when biological needs, safety, and belongingness needs for social animals are met, they are far less likely to display abnormal behavior," Michael says.

Canine brain science tells us that dogs are social animals. They love living and working together and feel a strong bond in the pack. In your home, they want more than anything else to be part of your pack.

I have to laugh when I hear a person screaming at their dog to "Come here" or "Don't jump" or even "No." I watch as the dog has no idea what they want, nor do they have the motivation to do it. In fact, their choice is often to run away.

So what's the trick? Easy! Give them what they want. They want to play tug-a-war, they want a little treat, they would love a belly rub. So associate coming to you with a reward. Associate sitting patiently, rather than jumping up, with something special too. It takes a little time on your part to get the message across. With consistency and training, you will have your dog following your every command, with love!

Here is a visual that Michael created:

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